Gift Guide

Gift Guide

With Christmas quickly approaching, it’s time to start thinking about what to get your significant other, mum, brother or even your co-workers and we all know it can be tough to figure out what to get each person.

Well, here at Metalbird we have gifts for everyone. If you’re unsure what to give this Christmas, take a look at some of the options we have!


  1. Fantail and its baby

These beautiful birds are the perfect gift for a parent or grandparent, to show them how thankful you are for all that they have done throughout your life.

Click here to view these birds


  1. Three Little Birds – RCD Foundation

These three little birds are the perfect gift if you would like to give a gift with a cause this year.  50% of the proceeds from each and every sale of these guys goes to the RCD Foundation to help fund paediatric brain cancer research, care and development programs.

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  1. Kookaburra

If you know someone who is a keen bush walker, or just loves the laugh of this bird, then the Kookaburra is the gift for them. If they’re lucky, this Kookaburra may even attract some others like him.

Click here to view regular size bird or here for large bird as pictured


  1. Silver gull

Australia has the longest coastline in the world, so there are plenty of beach lovers out there. The silver gull is the perfect addition to any beach lovers home.

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  1. Wedge-tailed eagle

This is a bird that you rarely see, or at least one that we wouldn’t like to run into in the wild! A perfect gift for anyone who is an adventure seeker, or is just interested in the magnificent bird of prey.

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Or, if you can’t decide which bird is going to be the biggest hoot for your family member or friend, then we also offer a gift certificate. This certificate is redeemable for any regular sized bird, and it even includes shipping within Australia. Give them the gift of choice this Christmas!

 Click here to view these gift vouchers. 

So with all that, get shopping! Santa is almost here!

 - Metalbird.