About Us

From the get-go I've been a fan of the stencil graffiti artist Banksy. Check him out on http://www.banksy.co.uk

Frankly, I loved the guys swagger, intelligence and most of all his humour. I was in Bristol, Banksy's home in 2009 looking at a Banksy exhibition and was pretty impressed with his cunning.

I sat on the plane wondering what my version of 'Banksy' could be and decided that I'd do something sculptural & in 3 dimensions. The idea of metal birds came from wanting to do something I could covertly hammer into lamp posts, trees and buildings in public spaces that would somehow beautify & add value, or at least not offend.

I’ve now launched this Aussie website with my business partner, Murray.

If you buy, install, photograph and send us the in-situ pic we’ll post it on our blog and give you accolades for both your good taste and your pluck!


Phil and Murray