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Phil Walters - Metalbird Australia Co-Founder

While at our core we are creators of beautiful garden decor, the concept was built from something a lot bigger, something a little more rebellious! Metalbird is the brainchild of industrial designer Phil Walters, a passionate all-round creative guy and a wilder, motorbike riding founder than our humble brand would perhaps be known for! The creative idea was inspired by stencil street artists such as Bansky, the concept that adding simple moments of beauty to a largely indifferent world sparked the whole thing. But that is a longer story which you can read here.

Our Phil-osophy here at Metalbird is not for ostentatious art that screams for attention, it is in capturing the simple beauty of our precious native Australian bird life and to bring a smile to people’s faces, with little reminders to enjoy life’s simple pleasures. Maybe there is one of our Kookaburras in the tree outside your bedroom window, a proud Eagle welcoming you home or a little Penguin in your pot plant, reminding you of your favourite holiday.

Whatever our pieces of garden art mean to you, it is the reason we do what we do. Gardens and plants are the heart of Australian homes, and we want our garden décor to add simple pieces of beauty, small comforts and moments of joy.


While here at Metalbird we have spread our wings far and wide (migrated all the way to Paris even…fancy!) the focus is always on the local communities and causes. We are proudly Australian made (officially thanks to these guys), with local manufacturing, local suppliers, local employees, supporting local charities or not for profits. We believe in the power of community and strive to give back to causes our flock (that’s you!) care about. Feel good knowing that in purchasing our humble garden décor, you are supporting Australian products and one crazy, creative dream!


Wildlife Conservation

Protecting our precious native wildlife is critical, now more than ever. We believe so deeply in the need to protect our environment and native wildlife and education is critical to that. In supporting this passion, we created a collection in collaboration with Nudgee Environmental Centre, check them out here, the collection celebrates our birds found on the coast. View the Coastal Birds Collection here or read more about our collaboration here.

Childhood Brain Cancer

We have a personal association with the RCD Foundation. One of our own suffered from a brain tumour and was the catalyst for our association with the foundation. Their hard work in childhood brain cancer across areas of research, care and development is phenomenally worthy. Learn more about them here and more about our collaboration here or view the birds! We donate 50% of every sale to support their hard work.

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