Mother’s Day may look a little different this year. You might not be able to see your Mum, but you can still make the moment magical. 

This year especially, our Mums, even if nearby, will be feeling that little further apart. To help connect with every Mum who receives a Metalbird, we are including a FREE pre-written Mother’s Day Card with every order. If you want us to add the Mother’s Day Card (below) - you'll be prompted at checkout to add to your cart!

Dear Mum,

You taught me how to fly. While I have left your nest, you are always with me. It brings me joy to think of the moments we shared together and how much like you Ive become! You'll be with me forever, even when we are apart. You ground me and you help me soar. The nest is truly where the heart is!

Im flying you this Metalbird to place in your garden! So you can remember those beautiful times, moments and lessons that have made me the person I am today.

Youre always in my heart and I love you very much.



Metalbird was founded by industrial artist Phil Walters, who put the first birds up as street art for his family, friends and local community to help remind them of the moments they've shared with those they hold most dear. Every Metalbird is part of that artwork project, turning our gardens into a canvas and connecting us through the community of Metalbirds all around the globe.

Let’s invite your Mum to be the artist too...  

By sending your Mum a Metalbird, you’re sending her the chance to become an artist. Every installation of a Metalbird is an act of creating art - she decides what tree it should live in, how high up, how it will look from different angles. Once installed, the Metalbird is a lasting memory of you and your time together. Every time she looks out the window at her garden and her art, she’ll remember all those moments you shared together…. before you left her nest! 

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