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The RCD Foundation Robert - Connor Dawes, is a non-profit organisation that is extremely close to our heart here at Metalbird. One of our own team members, Harry introduced us to the charity and all that they do for paediatric brain cancer research, care and development. Harry himself, suffered from a brain tumour at just 16-years-old  and ever since, has dedicated himself to supporting the RCD Foundation and other young patients facing the same cruel diagnosis.

The RCD Foundation was created in 2013, in memory of Robert ‘Connor’ Dawes who at just age 18 lost his 16-month fight with brain cancer. His mother (and all round superwoman) Liz Dawes, founded the RCD Foundation in his honour and now she and her team selflessly devote their lives to helping others with brain cancer.


Together with the RCD Foundation we created a Metalbird as a tribute to Connor, featuring three little birds, a reference to his favourite song by Bob Marley, ‘three little birds’. A year later we have created another Metalbird for Mother’s Day, featuring a mum and her three little birds, this time to honour Liz and all the hard work that she does. For each sale of either of these birds, 50% of the proceeds are donated to the RCD Foundation. We are proud to say that in just over a year, we have raised over $9500 for the RCD Foundation. 

Beautify your garden AND donate to a fantastic cause!

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