Blue Wren and Babies

The Blue Wren is one of Australia’s cutest birds. And what’s cuter than a Blue Wren? A baby Blue Wren! And what’s cuter than one baby Blue Wren? THREE baby Blue Wrens! Nests of Superb Fairy Wrens are usually three to four babies, and it’s dinner time at this Blue Wren nest.

Mother Blue Wrens are the only ones to sit on their eggs until they hatch. Once they have hatched, they have help from the males to feed the babies. Like many other small birds, Fairy Wrens eat insects that they can forage off of the ground or in low bushes.

The mother makes the nest entirely on her own, and this takes her about 3-4 days. She usually uses a mix of spiders’ webs, fine twigs and grass before lining it with wool, feathers or animal hair.


Fun fact:

Blue Wrens can change the size of the eggs they lay depending on the climate. This helps them survive in harsher conditions.

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