Willie Wagtail - Regular

You spoke and we listened - the willie wagtail has joined our Metalbird family due to popular demand! 

Found throughout mainland Australia, the Willie Wagtail is the largest and most well known of the Australian fantails. Identifiable by its black plumage with a white belly, eyebrows and whisker marks and of course its distinguishable tail. The name wagtail stems from the round-the-clock wagging of the tail.

Did you know.. the willie wagtail is often found in the company of cattle and sheep. Why? They run behind the moving animal or enjoy a ride on their back, snatching insects as they are disturbed, before returning to their joy ride.

Ours is made from 3mm Corten, is easily hammered into most wooden structures and will rust to a deep brown.

Size: 36cm x 30cm

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