Penguin - Regular

Our waddling feathered friends are found around the rugged coastline of Australia.  These adorable birds live in colonies and spend their days foraging in the sea for fish & caring for their young. Australia’s penguins are loved for their athletic agility and their quirky, inquisitive nature.  Unfortunately, our cute little friends have a touch life, facing an array of threats such as introduced predators, lack of fish stock and damage to their burrows. Our penguin pals need all the help they can get!

Ours is made from 3mm Corten steel and comes with a two part 'spike' to maximise stability when your bird is installed in the ground. Simply lock the two parts together and press firmly into the ground. Tip: If installing into firm ground you may find it easier to hammer the bottom spike.

Size: 32cm x 21cm

Also available in large size - click here.

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