Rainbow Lorikeet - Regular

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Sometimes (as Liberace discovered) being beautiful just isn't quite enough. The Rainbow Lorikeet found this out first hand when in 2005 it was listed by the Australian Government as an unwanted organism in a number of states. One can only imagine the embarrassment the poor bird experienced not to mention suffering the cruel jibes from its 'wanted organism' acquaintances. Anyway, never a quitter, the Rainbow Lorikeet has soldiered on and can still be found in good numbers across eastern coastal Australia.


It's hard to dislike such a colourful and inquisitive bird, and by all accounts they make great family pets as long as you've got plenty of time to spend amusing them, hand feed them from young and have a few 'disposable' toy for them to methodically destroy.

I once worked on a Resort island for a summer in the Whitsundays and routinely would have around 20 of them perching on me as I went about my tasks. To this day I have no clue as to what the attraction was but I like to believe my swagger aroused their primal attraction to those of the outlaw seafaring persuasion, that or I was unwittingly attracting insects. Ahoy me hearties!

Ours is made from 3mm Corten steel that rusts to a deep brown. You simply hammer it in. It looks good, attracts real birds just like itself & is almost bulletproof.

Size: 25cm x 28cm

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