Cormorant - Large

There is nothing more amazing that watching a Cormorant spot its pray from afar and with a masterful dive and underwater swim, resurfacing with its catch.  Cormorants feast on fish, crustaceans and frogs and can be found inland near estuaries and lakes and also along our vast coastline.  When foraging, they fly low over the water and dive quickly into the water to catch their prey using their webbed feet and half opened wings to steer. They have been known to dive as deep as 45 metres and are often underwater for a minute or more. Interestingly their feathers are not waterproof so after dive we often seem them with their wings elegantly outstretched in the sunshine to dry.

Ours is made from 3mm Corten steel and comes with a two part 'spike' to maximise stability when your bird is installed in the ground. Simply lock the two parts together and press firmly into the ground. Tip: If installing into firm ground you may find it easier to hammer the bottom spike.

Size: 34cm x 30cm


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