Pelican - Large

The Australian Pelican has the longest beak of any bird in the world. At 50 centimetres long with a large pouch – it is of course the perfect vessel to capture the scores of fish the pelican thrives on!  Pelicans are gregarious birds, that travel in flocs, hunt co-operatively and breed in colonies.  Sometimes a cheeky Gull will tap away at a Pelicans head to distract it and then steal a fish from its pouch.  The Australian Pelican is a delight to watch as they fly across the water in search of food.

Ours is made from 3mm Corten steel and comes with a two part 'spike' to maximise stability when your bird is installed in the ground. Simply lock the two parts together and press firmly into the ground. Tip: If installing into firm ground you may find it easier to hammer the bottom spike.

Size: 44cm x 34cm

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