5 birds that will win your loved one's heart this Valentine's Day.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and you’re still struggling to find a Valentine’s Day gift for him or her. Chocolates and flowers have been done time and time again, why not gift your loved one something unique and proudly Australian made this year? Our birds are perfect for your garden or apartment balcony and the best part? There is something unique at Metalbird for everyone this Valentine’s Day.


Kookaburra: For the comedian

Kookaburra’s are well known for their iconic laugh. This bird is perfect for the Valentine who makes you laugh, or just adores these famous Australian birds. 

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Magpie: For the keen gardener

Magpies are well known for their mimicking skills, and this isn’t limited to just talking. Magpies have been known to help people out in the garden, by moving soil around as they do. This bird is perfect for your Valentine with a green thumb.

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Willie Wagtail: For the farmer

Willie Wagtails can often be seen around cattle and sheep. They fly behind the animals to catch the insects or perch on their backs waiting for the insects that are attracted to them.

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Penguin: For the ocean lover

Penguins spend half their time in the sea, and half their time on the land. They can also swim at over 15km per hour. That makes them the perfect gift for your Valentine who loves the ocean, or just Penguins because how can you not?

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Swallows: For the traveller

Swallows always nest in the same place every year. Between those times the pairs travel far distances from each other but always make it back home. They are said to represent true love and soulmates making it the perfect gift for your Valentine!

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