Swallows are the nimble, swift birds you may see darting around branch to branch in Australia. They are Metallic blue-black on top, light grey underneath on their breast and belly, and rust coloured on their forehead, throat and upper breast.

They have a distinct, long forked tail with a row of white spots on the individual feathers, which creates quite a dramatic effect when it’s flared. 

Swallows are native to Australia and are fairly widespread but are far less common in the Northern Territory.

You may spot them when you’re near to wetlands or the coast, where they forage for food mid-flight. They fly low and dart around making figure eights, trying to catch insects. They also have been known to scoop water up with their bill when they glide along the water. You may not hear them though as they have rather quiet, chirping calls, not dissimilar to a Fantail.

In Australia, the Swallows main predators are Snakes, as they are able to slither up trees and steal the eggs from their nests or even their nestlings. Other predators include Hawks, Minks and Wild Cats.

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