A Valentine’s treat for you and yours!

Introducing, our new love birds!  A pair of Swallows to gift to your Valentine. Swallows commonly symbolise love and loyalty, and often people believe they represent soulmates as they mate for life. These Swallows are the perfect way to tell someone you love them this Valentine’s Day. Who knows, they might be your soulmate?

Still looking for that special someone? Metalbirds are still for you this February! Did you know that in Ancient times people used to tell their future by birds? A lot could be said about their soulmate through this! If you saw a Duck, your soulmate would be someone who likes to make a home and has a stable income. If you saw a Swan, your soulmate would be creative and artsy, and if you saw a Kingfisher, it meant your soulmate would come in to some big money. So, if you’re still looking for someone special, you could make your own future by buying a Metalbird!

Don’t do Valentine’s Day? No problem! Swallows make the perfect gift for any occasion – anniversaries, weddings, birthdays, or any day you feel like saying ‘I love you’, even when it’s an ‘I love you’ to yourself.


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Limited Edition mini RCD bird (1 Per order)