It's Bat-tastic!

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a mammal in the sky?!... No, It's a bat!

We just couldn't let another Halloween slip by us without taking part... So we thought about the spookiest birds that there are here in Autsralia, and we just couldn't look past a Halloween icon like the Flying Fox!
This owwwwlaweeeeen, we've got something bat-tastic in store for a limited time only! We know what you're thinking... that's no bird! We just thought this guy was so cool, he had to become part of the flock. Not to mention, he does have wings! 

Flying foxes are intelligent and remarkable. These unique animals help regenerate our forests and keep ecosystems healthy through pollination and seed dispersal. 
Flying foxes are bats or, more accurately, mega-bats (big bats). They are commonly known as fruit bats, but their diet is predominately nectar, pollen, and fruit — in that order. They don't use sonar like smaller, insect-eating bats; only their eyes and ears like us. They see as well as a cat at night and are just about as smart.

We're convinced it'll be 'love at first bite'. So what are you waiting for?
 Make sure you get your limited edition MetalBAT in time for Halloween. ONLY WHILE STOCKS LAST!


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