Give Dad something he'll love forever

Father's Day is a special time for most of us. 

Dads come in many shapes and forms, it's that time of the year to thank the Father figure in your life. Celebrate the person who taught you how to fly, and was there to pick you up every time you fell. 

What better time than Father’s Day to show your Dad how much you appreciate all his hard work? Maybe he’s the one who taught you to ride a bike, or cook your favourite dish, or held your hand as you took your first steps… He deserves a gift that will serve as a lifelong reminder of how much you love him and appreciate what he’s done for you!

The Dads in the Metalbird team have been working hard to craft some new flock members that serve as the perfect Father's Day present. We have just released the highly requested Sulphur Crested Cockatoo paired with its own little chick! This Metalbird is an ideal way to show your Dad you will always be his little “chick”.


Cockatoos have a loyal nature and are a little bit cheeky, which may sound like someone you know… or, if that doesn’t match your Dad’s character, have a look through our range to find the perfect bird for your Dad!

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Limited Edition mini RCD bird (1 Per order)