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November 01, 2019

Each month, our flock members send us their favourite photos of their Metalbird to go in the draw to win bragging rights as 'flock member of the month' and a $50 voucher!

We would like to thank each and every one of you who have sent us photos of your birds and for your ongoing support. We'd love to give everyone a flock member of the month award but unfortunately that is not possible! 

Below are a list of our winners so far:


Flock member of the month - Jo H
Jo lives at the beach and doesn't have any trees on her property, but that hasn't stopped her from enjoying a Metalbird in her home! She's leant it against the window where it is silhouetted against a stunning sunset. 

Thanks Jo for your great photo!


Flock member of the month - Julie H
Julie first saw our Metalbirds in a shop called Hanasho in Brisbane. Since that day she kept thinking about them and wanting to get one for herself. For her, she only had her eye on one, the Magpie! Julie says "Growing up we had a couple that hung around our house and every year we'd watch them preparing a nest, protecting their eggs and raising their little ones. I think of spending holidays in Warwick as a kid when I hear a Magpie's call. I love their territorial nature... even when I'm on the receiving end of an attack.

Julie put her Magpie at her front door, high up on a post so she can keep an eye on things. She lives in the inner city where there's lots of comings and goings so she says, "between her and the spider, we feel protected".

Thanks Julie for sharing your story, we love it!


Flock member of the month - Catherine F

"We stayed with friends in Japan during the rugby world cup. As is the custom when visiting in Japan, you take a gift. These friends had spent 10 years living in Jimboomba and often were awaken by the loud laughs of the Kookaburra. They were absolutely thrilled with this addition to their garden. He looks into their bottle brush tree. A little bit of Australia in a Japanese backyard."


Flock member of the month - Ramona W


Flock member of the month - Maureen G

Maureen says: "My lovely kookaburras have found a home amongst some of mr own canvas photo prints of Western Australian wildflowers we came across in 2019. Especially as we have kookaburras on our property, the metal artwork was a nice finish to my wall collage. Not quite amongst the gumtrees, but almost! Very happy."


Flock member of the month - Diane M

Diane says "Our holiday home in the NSW south coast haven of Greenwell Point. Pelicans make this suburb home. What better way to showcase our beautiful suburb" Thanks Diane! 



Flock member of the month - Louisa N

Louisa says "I gave my parents some Baby Birds for Christmas. Looks like these birds are staying indoors for a while!".

Well Louisa, we're pretty happy about that! We think they look absolutely fantastic! 


Flock member of the month - Ellie S

Ellie says: Good morning Anglesea! We love our kookaburras!

Thanks for the stunning photo Ellie, we love the golden colour they have turned. Fantastic!



Flock member of the month - Jane H


Jane says: Love my Metalbird and get so many comments as people walk past and see them.

Thanks for the amazing photo Jane! 

Don't see your name here? Enter here to go in the draw to be next month's winner of 'flock member of the month!'